North County

The dedication of 29 Monroe Street in Silver Creek took place on a beautiful, sunny June 8.  Jessica Patti, Dan Woods, Aria Woods and Damien Sullivan moved in that same day. and are thrilled with their new home.

In late summer, work will begin on another house to renovate at 44 Babcock Avenue, Silver Creek.

Families seeking home ownership can apply at any time by calling 951-8111 to learn what is required, or you can read the basic requirements on our “Become a Homeowner” web page.

North County Habitat was formed in 2006 to create a closer connection to its service area and Habitat for Humanity. Since its start, it has built or rehabilitated 5 houses in Silver Creek. The volunteers also work on projects to assist people in maintaining their property by supplying the labor for small outdoor projects (no interior work) while the homeowner provides any necessary materials and supplies.  These projects are only conducted when volunteers are not working on a rehab or new house.

WE SEEK VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS of properties that would allow new construction, or properties with an existing house to rehabilitate. Tax deductible donations and low cost sales are options. Future homeowner applications are always accepted. Please read about the qualifications to become a homeowner.