Becoming a Homeowner

Chautauqua Area Habitat for Humanity works with families who are in need of a safe, decent and affordable house in Chautauqua County. With a team of volunteers, we partner with low-income families to build or renovate homes which are sold without profit.

Qualifications for Partner Families

  • At least (1) adult in the household
  • At least (1) child under age 18
  • A demonstrable need to improve their current housing situation
  • A regular dependable income (which does not exceed 60% – 80% of the county median income based on family size)
  • The family may be receiving food stamps, Medicaid, SSI, SSD, and certain other social benefits. We can help you determine if you qualify financially.
  • Must be willing to partner with Habitat in becoming a homeowner and be willing to put in 250 “sweat equity” hours per adult in the household. “Sweat equity” refers to the amount of time and labor put in at the construction site. Family and friends may contribute a portion of these hours.

Request an Application

To request an application form, please contact us using our online email form or call 716-269-7772 or 716-951-8111. Be sure to include your current mailing address. We will mail you application material and instructions. A completed preliminary application must be submitted and will be followed by a phone interview.  CAHfH will run a credit report for each applicant free of charge.