Volunteer Work to Resume July 11

We will be back to work at all three work sites on July 11!  We will be off to a slow start, since we must enforce social distancing in relatively small spaces.  Each site will allow only 5 – 6 volunteers on each work day, and volunteers must call the site manager to register.  Please see list below.

Jamestown:  27 Norton St. –  Russ Webb at 664-1420

Silver Creek:  44 Babcock Ave.  – Dave Kurzawa at 863-4475

Westfield:  127 Union St.  –  Mike Ricketts at 338-8864

We must enforce social distancing, so having a few volunteers at each site will be necessary.  It is recommended that 250 sq. ft per volunteer in each work space, unless all wear face masks if work space separation is less. We will start with those volunteers who were frequent volunteers before the crisis started. This is to allow us to work out the bugs and changes that may be necessary to meet CDC and NYS guidelines. Additional or new volunteers will be added after August.  Since we may be working more than one morning a week, we should be able to accommodate our regular volunteers during the reopening.

We must use every possible way to avoid spreading Covid-19, and that will include social distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and sadly, not offering food at break time, unless it is pre-wrapped in individual portions.  We will ask volunteers in the first few months back to work to bring their own snacks and beverages, please.

Each work site will be different when we return and we ask everyone to understand that we are trying to protect everyone and still complete our houses for the families. The site managers have a greater responsibility and will need everyone’s cooperation to maintain social distance, to limit gathering, and to assign work tasks for each person.

We have met with the future homeowners for each of our sites to explain our proposed timeline and to assure them that their houses will be completed, but not before January 2021.  As you can imagine, they are anxious to help complete their future homes.

Centers for Disease Control’s website

Volunteer Safety Protocols as recommended by CDC and NYS Habitat:

  • Minimum social distancing of 6 feet maintained. Work area 250 sq. ft. per person, or within that limit with people wearing masks.
  • ALL volunteers and supervisors will have their temperature taken before entering the site. All volunteers will be asked if they have been ill, coughing or treated for COVID-19 each time they work. Documentation will be kept from each work day.
  • Face covering to be worn by ALL volunteers, contractors, unless working alone on site. This includes when working outside with others.
  • Work gloves, plastic gloves, safety glasses and hard hats (when appropriate) will be given to all volunteers. Paper face masks will be provided, and those who wish to wear their own face mask or face shields will be asked to provide their own.
  • Port-a-Potties will be cleaned daily and after each use.
  • The work site will be sanitized before each work day and at the end. Documentation of sanitizing work site will be added to the sign in sheets.
  • Hand washing station areas and/or sanitizers will be available to each volunteer at an easily accessible location.
  • Food and beverages must be wrapped individually and bought by the volunteer. No self-serving options. All CDC protocols for hand sanitation and social distancing will be followed.
  • All volunteers should sign up for the work day beforehand. Each site will be limited to 5-6 volunteers to keep the site in compliance will CDC.
  • Work sites may have 2 days a week if a competent person (OSHA trained and certified for Habitat sites) is available for the site.

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